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Welcome to my blog. Im always looking for new ways of bringing people together to build campaigns. Im always amazed by the energy and passion of the people I meet and the different skills they bring to making change happen - the ideas we try out, the campaigns we work on, the relationships we build together. I want to share those stories with you. I hope you enjoy them!

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You've got an idea or activity that you would like to develop, an issue that matters to you or would just like to find out more? Contact me now by email, twitter, or facebook.

organising and supporting campaigns you can get involved in

As part of this, I have organised debates with the UK & European Parliament, student & trade unions, but also from European political parties, community & campaigning groups, online media & press, thinktanks & universities, art collectives, & music bands including:

Amnesty, Avaaz, Black Socialist Society, Bristol City Council, Centre for European Reform, CND, Community, Demos, Desirs d'Avenir, Diversity & Integration Network, DJ Bootsie Quartet, European Alternatives, European Parliament, Fabian Society, Global Policy Institute, GNB, Hungarian Cultural Centre, Involve, IUSY, Labour Movement for Europe, London Citizens, London MEPs, New Local Government Network, Northampton Arts Collective, NUS, Ohm Square, Oxfam, PASOK, PES Activists, Pin the Pits, Policy Network, Polish Cultural Institute, PPE, Pulse Festival, The Blessing, Save the Labour Party, Save Congo, SERA, Spanish Socialist Youth, Sunday Best, TMP, Trinity Centre, TUC, Unions 21, UNISON, Unite.

Organising and supporting campaigns on issues that matter to you

I have actively championed events and campaigns for a range of progressive groups. I have also organised distinctive and exciting activities ourselves with Compass or .

I have organised 10 debates over the last year as well as enabling members to take part in conferences and workshops by other progressive groups and campaigns for equalising the minimum wage, the living wage, two state solution, the NHS, against the anti missile system, civil liberties and votes for 16. More recently, I organised Compass Youth to march for the Put People First and Strangers into Citizens rallies.

Responsible for communications, I helped run the campaign for Sam Tarry to get elected as Chair of Young Labour - see the lessons learnt here. I also organised initiatives to get out the vote of EU citizens in the London elections and played an active role in supporting the We’re all Londoners coalitions for Ken Livingstone. I also supported the Choose Change road show for the deputy leadership campaign for Jon Cruddas and for Chuka Umunna's selection campaign.

I have been developing a “progressive soulmates” network to shape the Your Space manifesto and campaign in general elections across Europe, building towards the European Parliament elections in 2009.

I have engaged young “progressive expats” in the UK as the eyes and ears of their countries. I have also developed mini-festivals bringing together film, music and politics in the most cutting edge venues in the country, starting with London, Northampton and Bristol. Not only have these events been featured by the Evening Standard, London Paper, Metro, Total Politics and Timeout but a range of blogs and magazines.

I organised a series of successful debates as part of the Your Space manifesto, enabled young activists to go on campaign exchanges in France and Denmark and a youth leader delegations to Southern Africa.

I hope to build international campaigns on issues that cross borders through further campaign exchanges.

Check out how I have tried to

You've got an idea or activity that you'd like to develop, an issue that matters to you or would just like to find out more?

Contact me now at noel.hatch1@gmail.com


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