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Welcome to my blog. Im always looking for new ways of bringing people together to build campaigns. Im always amazed by the energy and passion of the people I meet and the different skills they bring to making change happen - the ideas we try out, the campaigns we work on, the relationships we build together. I want to share those stories with you. I hope you enjoy them!

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You've got an idea or activity that you would like to develop, an issue that matters to you or would just like to find out more? Contact me now by email, twitter, or facebook.

listening to you to find out what issues really matter

How have I tried to find out what issues really matter to you?

As part of this, I have attracted new members, engaging with community groups and encouraging our existing members to reach out to their trusted networks of friends & colleages. Using online tools (such as our website and other social networking tools, such as Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and Netvibes), I have increased our reach to close to 900 young people, many of whom are community organisers.

Telling your stories to inspire young people

Attracting these people has led me to attract youth leaders to participate in telling their stories of youth activism to generate a buzz about the “Living in the 21st century” ideas competition we will be launching soon. These range from youth & student clubs of the labour movement home and abroad, but also social entrepreneurs & campaigners.

Listening to you to track causes and campaigns

I try and track emerging issues and unmet needs for young people to enable Compass Youth build campaigns and coalitions around them.

I have designed a personalised listening service, reaching out beyond the activity of our own blog and finding out what are the issues being discussed by other bloggers and what are the campaigns being developed by other online activists. As this available to everyone, young people can also get informed about the issues and get involved in the debate.

I have also been asking our members the issues that matter to them and activities that excited them. Given that the top issues that mattered to our members were equality, international relations & citizenship/integration, we have focused our events on these themes. Given that the top skills members were interested in were writing articles/guides, campaigning and lobbying politicians we are developing activities around these. You can still tell us the issues that matter to you here.

Attracting funding to organise activities for you

I actively engage with building engagement with progressive funders and sponsors. I have successfully attracted sponsorship from a European NGO for three all day mini-festivals.

Check out how I have tried to

You've got an idea or activity that you'd like to develop, an issue that matters to you or would just like to find out more?

Contact me now at noel.hatch1@gmail.com


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