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Welcome to my blog. Im always looking for new ways of bringing people together to build campaigns. Im always amazed by the energy and passion of the people I meet and the different skills they bring to making change happen - the ideas we try out, the campaigns we work on, the relationships we build together. I want to share those stories with you. I hope you enjoy them!

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develop your skills and turn our ideas into action

How have I tried to enable you to promote your ideas and activities?

I am keen to develop Compass Youth's profile and reach across the media, notably in pioneering innovative ways of promoting the ideas of our members. I want to try and bring Compass Youth closer to the people who aren't connected to politics.

I have created viral video channels for Compass Youth, videos for Compass events and for Sam Tarry's campaign for Chair. and took part in developing the open source tool to input into the Labour Party manifesto. I have also interviewed various young activists and will be shortly featuring those as part of a "born free and equal" series. Bringing together all the articles on our blog from members and guest contributors, I am also looking to involve members to produce a user generated pamphlet of how Compass Youth turns ideas into action. I also support our design guru to ensure we have exciting content on the website and manage Cmp

As part of this, I have been trying to build capacity and facilitate involvement of young people through skills, issues and liaison networks. I am passionate about unlocking all of the talents of the Compass Youth membership through skills networks.

I developed workshops on developing skills of our members to organise in collaboration with both youth leaders & progressive groups. Along with the video competition I organised, this fed in ideas from members through Issues Networks to enhance the “Living in the 21st Century” process. I am also keen to jointly organise “policy parties” & “kitchen cabinet” debates with the progressive groups we are working with as part of the ideas competition across London and encourage you to facilitate local debates elsewhere in the country where we can. To kick this off, I have taken part in supporting activities on reclaiming the cultural identity of mining communities with the Pin the Pits campaign, young migrant communities with Love Difference and young people in London with Toynbee Hall for Creative Campaigns.

Check out how I have tried to

You've got an idea or activity that you'd like to develop, an issue that matters to you or would just like to find out more?

Contact me now at noel.hatch1@gmail.com


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