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where's gemma white?

A quick message from a friend I'm working with on an amazing campaign - Pin in the Pits. Do you remember Gemma? Does anyone how I could contact her...

It's a bit of random one but:

Gemma's Grandad was called Eddy Bond in 1972 he was on the BBC speaking on behalf of the coal miners that where striking across the country. When the miners stopped working, there was an electricity shortage and a national back-out, people were putting candles on there shopping trolley...honest its on the footage! It's crazy to think but many of the old boys that sit in the tap room at the Club or Fox, were known through-out the country, for wanting to bring the nation to its knees...all for a decent wage.

Ok, so…

I've made a short film about the miners and I've been ask to show it at the Houses of Parliament in October and at Conisbrough library in September. I really want to invite Gemma and her family, because I remember at school how much she adored her granddad. He was a real salt of the earth bloke, probably seen as a village hero or militant socialist, depending on your perspective. If you have any relatives that worked in mining, I am trying to contact them for another documentary I am making…and just let me know if you want to come to any of the film screenings...

Check here for more details.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Rachel xoxoxoxo


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