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screen the film, pin the pits!

Pin the Pits is a campaign to mark coal mining on Ordnance Survey Maps. Included as a feature of the U.K's landscape, coalmines will be given the same status as Roman Forts and Stately Homes. The campaign is a tribute to the communities the served this heroic industry and propelled the U.K from being a small rural kingdom into an empire that stretched out across the globe.

Pin the Pits will show 3 short films at Conisbrough Library before going off to the Houses of parliament the following month. There we will lobby MP’s to put the mines on the maps in memory of our families and our history.

Ok, so it might sound a bit boring and you might think why bother it’s not an erotic party and why’s she’s banging on about coal again? But if you wanna see something a bit different, that's about Conisbrough and the people who fought against the police and the government, for us their future, then come down, it will be a laugh honest.

If you fancy it just bring some friends, some booze and even an old relative that might want to talk dirty (I mean talk about) coal with me. Anyway, just come hangout for a bit, otherwise it could just be the librarians and me, that wouldn’t be very cool or fun.

Come down at Conisborough Library, Old Road, Conisborough from 7-9pm. Check here for more info.

Hope very much to see you there.


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