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Taking it global - How can Europe change the world? 18th March

Tuesday 18th March at 6.30 - 8.30 pm

House of Commons, Committee Room 12
Westminster (London)

European countries can only have a big say in world affairs if they work together: so how far should Europe go in its common foreign and security policy? As well as facing new security threats, it is widely recognized that many environmental, health, development, trade and other issues are world problems that need global responses. So what should Europe stand for in the world? What can Europe do to promote democracy, decent work and human rights? How can it promote better global governance? How can it encourage not only development but sustainable development? How can it foster development that lifts people out of poverty and not only bring wealth to a few?

Join us at the fourth of our PES Manifesto debates, with a fantastic range of speakers confirmed:

Denis McShane MP, Former Europe Minister
Catherine Fieschi, Director, Demos
Paul Hilder, Campaign Director, Avaaz
Simon Dubbins, International Director, UNITE
Clara Marina McDonnell, Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform

Before the debate, join in the debate around the questions below and submit your ideas here!

We will also be present at the People and Politics Day, so come and join us there too.

We will be putting together all the ideas submitted both online and submitting them to the PES Manifesto!

We aim to make connections that will keep the PES in touch with the most dynamic and innovative thinking, but also enhance mutual understanding between Europeans. Through our series of debates, we will actively encourage participants to share their insights but also put forward innovative ideas and practical solutions to each of the four manifesto themes. Through this, we hope to promote a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people's everyday lives.

  1. How should the EU promote effective and collective international action on development and world security?
  2. What sort of UN reform should the EU propose?
  3. How should the EU facilitate common viewpoints and positions regarding security and defence?
  4. How should the EU work efficiently with NATO?
  5. What actions should be taken to improve transatlantic relations on security and defence?
  6. How should the EU deepen its cooperation with other regional entities?
  7. How should the EU support a better cooperation between the ILO and the WTO?
  8. What actions should be undertaken by the EU within the international institutions to promote Decent Work and the ILO Core Labour standards?
  9. What actions should be undertaken by the EU to achieve the UN Millennium Goals?
  10. What should be the EU’s international trade policy?
  11. What policies and agreements should be promoted to avoid fuelling conflicts over natural resources?
  12. How can the EU’s development policy ensure that developing countries have the capacity to meet their current challenges, including climate change and environmental protection?
  13. How can we achieve security of supply and tackle high energy prices in developing countries?

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