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Globalisation in the community - How can we shape a social Europe? 11th March

Tuesday 11th March at 6.30 - 8.30 pm

Camden Town Hall, Council Chamber

Europe is unique in the way it tries to combine a free market economy with social justice. But things are changing with globalization and our ageing society. Conservatives say we can no longer afford high standards of social and environmental protection. We say our welfare states are our strength, that a society in which everyone can participate, contribute and benefit will be a strong and prosperous society. We say our welfare states must be renewed - not dismantled: reformed to meet new challenges, not taken apart. The PES agreed 10 Principles for a New Social Europe at our Congress at the end of 2006. But what should be our priorities for 2009-14? What should be done at the European level in the years ahead?

Join us at the third of our PES Manifesto debates, with a fantastic range of speakers confirmed:

Deborah Littman, Chair of London Citizens Living Wage Network & UNISON National Officer
Henning Meyer, Head of European Programme, Global Policy Institute
Michael Walsh, Research Director, Community
Ben Richards, UNITE International Officer

Before the debate, join in the debate around the questions below and submit your ideas here!

We will be putting together all the ideas submitted both online and submitting them to the PES Manifesto!

We aim to make connections that will keep the PES in touch with the most dynamic and innovative thinking, but also enhance mutual understanding between Europeans. Through our series of debates, we will actively encourage participants to share their insights but also put forward innovative ideas and practical solutions to each of the four manifesto themes. Through this, we hope to promote a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people's everyday lives.

  1. What should the EU’s priorities be for Social Europe?
  2. What are the biggest problems facing working people and citizens today?
  3. How can the EU promote social dialogue?
  4. How can the EU promote gender equality?
  5. Should the EU ensure a better protection of workers’ rights?
  6. Should the EU address increasing inequalities in European society?
  7. Should the EU set better standards for accountability, transparency and corporatesocial responsibility, for multinational companies, and hedge and private equityfunds?
  8. Should public services be protected from liberalization under Single Market rules? If so, which public services?
  9. Should the EU develop new and better policies and schemes to upgrade the skills of Europe’s workforce and institute lifelong learning?
  10. Which priorities and policies should the EU develop in the area of immigration and integration of migrants?
  11. What should a post-2010 Lisbon strategy look like?
  12. What should the EU budget be spent on?
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