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One million voices to end the conflict

What is it?

On October 18, OneVoice will engage and mobilize hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis in a “People’s Summit”. Ordinary citizens will speak out in unprecedented numbers against violent extremism and demand that their leaders negotiate and implement a two-state solution.

We hope you will join us at the One Million Voices People's Summits taking place in Israel and Palestine, with solidarity Echo events across the globe. These events will serve as a mandate from the people to the Israeli and Palestinian leadership to negotiate an end to the conflict.

Live music, speeches by dignitaries and celebrities, and statements from grassroots activists will draw Israelis and Palestinians out to the streets, where they will be linked via satellite to their counterparts across the region. This platform will allow people on both sides to see that they have a partner in the resolution process. The event will be broadcast around the world.

When is it?

October 18, 2007, 5:00-11:00pm (Jerusalem time)

Who is it?

Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Israeli and Palestinian citizens who refuse to let violent extremists dominate the political agenda. Numerous world leaders and luminaries will also show their support for OneVoice’s mission.


For forty years, the majority of Israeli and Palestinian citizens have waited for their leaders to negotiate a resolution so that they might live in peace. And for forty years, a top-down peace process has failed to yield results.

With the Arab Peace Initiative on the table and strong international support for a return to negotiations, the time is ripe for the People's voice to be heard with resounding clarity. The accords of the past have been fruitless because they have lacked massive, vocal, grassroots support from the moderate majority. A People's Summit will serve as a call to action for the leadership to heed the will of their people and negotiate a two-state solution.

Through the Echo events, OneVoice supporters outside the Middle East will be able to demonstrate their solidarity with those in the region, and pledge their support for a people-driven peace process. Believers in a two-state solution and the need for an immediate return to negotiations will join in Washington, Ottawa, Boston and now London to raise their voices simultaneously with the OneVoice People's Summit in Israel and Palestine - and in doing so will push their own governments to support the cause.

Compass Youth is proud to be actively supporting this pioneering conflict resolution designed and developed by the grassroots.

Click here to get involved and participate in the event in London on 18 October.



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