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campaign to bring velib to paris

Campaign for Ken to bring the "Velib attitude" to London, the cycling scheme that has taken Paris by storm!

What's in it for you?

It's cheap, easy to use, flexible and quick...and you can get great sightseeing while you ride and you don't have to make loads of connections on the tube or bus to make your appointment, date or favourite shop/bar.

What's in it for all of us?

Improves our fitness, cuts congestion, meet fit and friendly people (in paris anyway...)

How? Just go to your nearest Velib and type in your password. To get a password, register at the Velib with your smartcard (like Oyster) or switchcard. What happens is that as soon as you key in your password, it gives you a number of the bike you can use in the row. Press the button by the bike to open up the lock and you're off.

If you want to check out the Velib nearest to where you want to go with your bike to drop it off, you can use the electronic map on the machine.

It gets better? Yes, there's a shopping basket so you can put all your stuff in (although probably not your babies). The first half hour is free, so get pedalling!

And you thought that French socialists were all state and no market? Velib is financed through a public-private partnership and is joined up with the Navigo smartcard system to create a unique progressive public transport in Paris.

A month after its launch, 2 million people have used Velibikes and over 50 thousand have taken out a year subscription.

In Paris, half of people use Navigo (the equivalent of the Oystercard in London).

Join the campaign here



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