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it's the youth, stupid

A really inspiring event and a sense of Dawn Butler's - new vice chair for youth - passion for this new role and a deep understanding and willingness to reach out to young people in ways that connect with their everyday lives and which tap into their skills and enthusiasm.

In her first speech as Labour Party Vice-Chair for youth, she said that the Labour Party is the "natural home of the young" and appealed for young people to join. Speaking at a London Young Labour event in Bethnal Green on Wednesday 25th July, Dawn Butler MP said:

"Labour is the natural home of the young. Young people understand that Labour is the party of radical, new ideas. We are also the party of social justice, which has invested to improve education and reduce child poverty, so that regardless of background there is equal opportunity for all young people. I would ask all young people to join Labour and give us their ideas for the future".

At the event Dawn Butler set out some of her ideas for working with youth and listening to what young people have to say. She is one of Parliament's youngest MPs and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Youth Affairs.

Dawn Butler was joined at the event on young people and politics by Rushanara Ali, Labour's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate to win back Bethnal Green & Bow at the next general election.

Rushanara Ali, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bethnal Green & Bow said:

"During my selection campaign here in Bethnal Green & Bow, what I saw was incredible energy, enthusiasm and passion among young people who want to make a difference through politics. But, many feel a sense of powerlessness and frustration at the lack opportunities. We need to make sure young people are part of the political process, not only by listening but putting political power in their hands. That means creating opportunities for young people to take up leadership positions and be at heart of making a difference to their communities."



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