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campaign to france

Desirs d'Avenir Euroregion Campaign

Thank you to all those that have expressed interested in joining our participative campaign to France for the elections to support Segolene Royal. For those that haven't yet signed up, please register here lor email noel@lme-lse.org.uk for further information

It promises to be an exciting trip

* Our experiences in other countries has shown that surprisingly the locals are keen to practice their English, find it an exotic change and highlights that unlike the other candidates, people across Europe are mobilised for Segolene Royal.

* Given that those interested so far come from across England and Europe, we will organise a meeting point in Paris on 20th April. For those keen on participating earlier in the week, we will be in Lille until 19th where we have organised a Euroregion rally for Segolene in Lille and then travel down to Paris on the 20th.

* If you could let me know if you are interested and are going to/have booked travel so we can meet in either Lille or Paris (20/4). Also great to know what method of transport you are going to book (train, bus, plane) so then we can all see who's going when and how.

A bilingual interview for a bilingual blog with Benoit Thieulin, responsable for the ecampaign team!



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