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is europe in a crisis and how can we fix it

Wednesday, 21st February 2007 at 12:30pm

Demos, 136 Tooley St, London Bridge, SE1 2TU


In this seminar Professor Erik Jones will build on a series of lectures held between 1997- 2004 in an attempt to clarify whether our current problem consitutes a crisis, why it is happening now, and what, if anything we should do about it. Will economic growth and interaction eradicate this malaise, or do we have to make some changes to our approach, outlook and policies?

look carefully and you'll see europe

Nearly every other decade has had its own ‘crisis’ in Europe. The word crisis, however, though it may evoke emotion, does not add much in terms of meaning. What is our ‘crisis’ all about?

There have been periods of instability in Europe in the past, but the troubled times we are going through at the moment differ from those experienced since the second world war. Geographically, institutionally, economically and politically, we appear to have reached what could be called ‘the limits of European integration’.

Places are free but limited, and on a first-come first -serve basis. To join us RSVP to anna.shandro@demos.co.uk, or call 0207 367 6318.

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