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the really really free market

Peter Thatchell's article chimes fairly well with my own views on the leadership contest.
All the cabinet have all backed the disastrous policies that have got Labour in its current mess. None have an agenda for serious change. That's why ditching the leader won't help. It would result in more of the same, but probably with a younger, more smiley face in charge of the doomed New Labour project.

...but probably more so Beatrix Campbell's analysis

Not sure if I should thank Ruth Lister for pointing out that the British government is intending to lead the opposition when it comes to EU finance ministers’ plans to attack the ‘social scourge’ of excessive executive pay and bonuses. Sorry, did I mention that Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are part of this social democratic coup, while New Labour seems strangely silent on the "responsibilities" of the super rich.

The lives of almost 1,000 children could be saved every day if only the super-rich and the world’s largest companies paid their fair shares in taxes. And that figure relates only to illegal, trade-related tax evasion. Sorry again, I mentioned the word "tax" - I know that's a taboo for our government these days so I'll try not to mention it again as our government seems to think that people put tax cuts before public services.

As Seumas Milne puts it:
What is certain is that the dominance of the free-market model of capitalism, which has held sway across the world for more than two decades, is rapidly coming to an end. When its high priests in Washington are forced to carry out the largest nationalisations ever undertaken outside the communist world, while intervening on an unprecedented scale across markets that were supposed to be self-regulating in order to keep the system afloat, the neoliberal order is transparently falling apart.

Away from the plotting, Jon Cruddas echoes what many of us think is just common sense.

We have to rediscover our idealism and our belief in our founding values – equality, justice, democracy, freedom. Socialism once gave us passion and hope and we need to draw on its intellectual resources and remake it for this new time and for new generations.


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