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female orgasm...I dare! female orgasm...I care!

We often talk about doing politics differently, especially with all the Obamania and iPod generation talk. Here's a great example of just that from animo, the young Belgian socialists.

Like many youth organisations, they have a long tradition on campaigning on the theme of sexuality, from safe sex actions to 'cut VAT on condoms' revendications.

But with the 'Female orgasm...I care!' campaign they want to raise attention on sexual pleasure among young people and provokes a positive discussion on sex. It still focuses on the female sexuality but on the female orgasm in particular.

Because it's still very necessary today.
Recent research shows that more than fifty percent of young women often fake orgasms. The media shows them how to be tempting and willing, not how to stand up for their own sexual pleasure. Furthermore the female orgasm is surrounded by harsh clich├ęs and myths such as 'women perceive their pleasure as less important' or 'the female orgasm is so hard to achieve'.

Complete nonsense says animo, these stereotypes need to be tackled. Women too often lower their expectations due to this stereotypical thinking on women's sexuality. And they absolutely shouldn't.
With this campaign, animo seeks some debate among young people on sex and sexual pleasure of both men and women. The female orgasm is the teaser to do so. animo calls upon young women to dare enjoy their pleasure, young men to care for it. Let's face it, everyone is fan of the female orgasm.
The campaign is going international as well. Young socialists in Sweden, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Germany will launch the campaign in their own organizations and countries.


  1. Miller 2.0 said...

    Noel, are you planning to launch a campaign for more and better sex?

    I anticipate that it could be rather popular. By the way, this is a cruelly cynical way of getting blog hits!

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