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Citizens not Criminals: Votes at 16!

Votes at 16 Coalition and Compass Youth would like to invite you to a major meeting for votes at 16 at Labour party Conference 2008 on 23rd September. We are pleased to announce an amazing line-up of speakers including:
At 16, we can choose a career and pay taxes, leave home, join the armed forces, and make lots of decisions about our future. At 16, we've been taught how to become citizens but we're denied the chance to put it into practice. At a time when people feel that politics isn't relevant to them, young people need to be encouraged to take part in democracy, not kept out from it. It's time we gave young people the basic right of any citizen - the right to vote. Join us. Make history.

Come and make your voice count and sign up here or contact youthchair@compassonline.org.uk!

Tuesday 23rd September, 13.00-14.00pm

Charter Suite 1, Manchester Central (Secure Zone - pass required)

Please check out Votes at 16 and how Compass Youth has been campaigning to support the coalition, from when Julie Morgan MP presented a private members bill to lower the voting age last year, an event she organised on this and urging our members to send a letter to their MPs to support the campaign.


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