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Happy Birthday Mandela!

As Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday this Friday 18th July approaches, we would like to remind you of a number of ways in which you can show your support and get involved in this special day.

For those of you who are in London, we would like to invite you to give just an hour of your time for Nelson Mandela and join ACTSA at Parliament Square, to make your pledge to the "greatest and most courageous leader of our generation". The celebration will involve creating a giant South African flag, consisting of your Mandela at 90 greetings and pledges for development and in southern Africa – the event is going to be marked prestigiously throughout the country, so would be great if you could make it.

We will be convening with ACTSA at Parliament Square, London at exactly 12.30pm, this Friday, 18th July and the event will be finished by 1.30pm.

If you can join it is really important that you let us know, so please email campaigns@actsa.org

If you haven’t managed to do so yet, there’s still time to sign Mr. Mandela’s birthday card and pledge for democracy, justice and rights for southern Africa here.

Please do encourage your friends and family to sign the card too.

In addition to the above event, at 1pm on Friday 18th July we want people to stop what they are doing and spare a few moments to mark Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday. We want you, and your friends, family and colleagues to take a photo of people holding up their own personal birthday pledges for justice, rights and development for southern Africa. You can email your pictures to campaigns@actsa.org. For more information go here.

For larger groups of at least 100 people, you could take part in our giant South African flag of pledges activity, joining those in Parliament Square . Download the activity pack and the accompanying excel sheet to create labels for your participants here.

ACTSA wants to celebrate Mandela the man, the movement that he represents and some of the other great leaders that led the fight against apartheid in South Africa and really hope that you will support us in our goal. Thanks so much for your time!

If you want to find out more about our trip to South Africa, we will be running a diary, starting with the first few days here.

If you would like to find out more about out European and International activities click here, fill in our survey to join the network or contact compassyouth7@gmail.com.


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