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We are now entering the final phase of the Justice 4 Cleaners campaign in the City of London, who will be targeting cleaning contractors who have either not signed or not implemented an agreement for living wages and conditions for the cleaners.

A meeting of cleaners and activists will be held at Unite T&G Central Office at 128 Theobalds Rd Holborn on Saturday May 10 @ 12 noon

We appeal for your help in winning this fight for some of lowest paid workers in our city please come to the meeting and take part in the demonstrations and protests.

On this day will be organising : Lobbying for migrant workers rights & Justice for Cleaners demonstrations against cleaning contractors and their clients

Justice for Cleaners key demands are:

A living wage which is now at £7.20
Sick pay (at least 10 days)
Holiday pay (at least 28 days including bank holidays)
Respect for work which is performed by precarious migrant labour.
Rights at work protected by the trade union

"We are working hard for companies earning millions of pounds but we can't afford to feed our children. Cleaners come out of your cleaning cupboards and fight for justice." said cleaner Abiola Arowolo, getting the campaign for justice underway outside KPMG's offices in the City of London in March 2006

We need your support if J4C are going to be as effective as the last time we organised a round of demonstrations against the major cleaning contractors in central London in late 2006 / early 2007.

Contact Unite organiser Anita Ceravolo with any queries: 07 900 405 787 .


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