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Unity or diversity? Which Europe do we want? 26th February

Tuesday 26th February at 6.30 - 8.30 pm

House of Commons, Committee Room 16
Westminster, London

Sign up on Facebook here or email noel.hatch1@gmail.com

Democracy at the EU level is stronger than ever before but is far from complete. Citizens feel more at ease with national politics than the European Union. If the EU is the 4th house of our democracy (after the local, regional and national) how can we make it more like a home? At the same time European countries are becoming more diverse with immigration and EU citizens moving from one Member State to another. What should the European Union do to make our societies fully at ease with our new diversity? How can the EU protect and improve the rights of the individual?

Join us at the first of our PES Manifesto debates, with a fantastic range of speakers confirmed:

Peter Facey, Director of Unlock Democracy
Matthew Clifton, Research Manager at New Local Government Network
David Schoibl, Chair of Labour Movement for Europe (LSE)
Noel Hatch, PES Activists / Compass Youth

Before the debate, join in the debate around the questions below and submit your ideas here!

  1. In what ways should European democracy be strengthened?
  2. How can European citizens’ participation in and understanding of European politics be improved?
  3. How can the EU reflect Europe’s diversity better?
  4. How can the EU contribute further to the fight against discrimination?
  5. Should the European Parliament have more democratic powers in policy-making and holding the European Commission to account?
  6. Should the President of the European Commission be directly elected by European citizens or by the European Parliament on a proposal by European political parties?
  7. How should European political parties develop their democratic role in the European Union?
We will be putting together all the ideas submitted both online and submitting them to the PES Manifesto!

We aim to make connections that will keep the PES in touch with the most dynamic and innovative thinking, but also enhance mutual understanding between Europeans. Through our series of debates, we will actively encourage participants to share their insights but also put forward innovative ideas and practical solutions to each of the four manifesto themes. Through this, we hope to promote a more social and democratic Europe by making it more relevant to people's everyday lives.

To read more

* Yourspace manifesto 2009 discussion paper 'European democracy and diversity'
* PES Declaration for the 50th Anniversary of the Rome Treaty

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