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one voice for peace

This July 25th from 5.45 pm on Abingdon Green opposite Parliament, we're inviting you to come and record a video message of solidarity that is going to be played to tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of brave Israelis and Palestinians standing to end the conflict.

The Middle East peace process is stagnant. Divided communities, weak leadership and an immense lack of trust in partnership and faith in the process means that the conflict continues . It also means that outside forces and hardline groups will have more and more power to dictate the situation.

This October 18th, the Israeli and Palestinian OneVoice teams are mobilising their societies behind a call to change this dynamic from the grassroots.

People from throughout Israel and Palestine will take to the streets to empower leaders who want to work for compromise, to build internal unity and to show that this is not a conflict of all Israelis against all Palestinians, but of the majorities who can work together for the Two State solution despite their differences, against a minority of hardliners, spoilers and violent absolutists.

Here's what you can do to help:

One of the most important things to the people of the Region is that they feel solidarity from the outside world and that their voices are getting heard. This is one of the key motivating factors that keeps them going.

On July 25th from 5.45pm outside Parliament on Abingdon Green 40 MPs and Peers are already attending to record a message of solidarity to the Israeli and Palestinian people. Now we want to invite every one of our supporters to join and, if you want, take a moment to come in front of the cameras and send a personal message of solidarity to the Middle East. This will reach tens if not hundreds of thousands of people: its your chance to really connect to the people in the Region.

Please do sneak out of work a little early to be there, please do bring friends and family and please do get in touch if you'd like to volunteer on the day.

Check out the flyer and then send it far and wide: http://blog.onevoicemovement.org/one_voice/files/july_poster.pdf

For more info contact:
Sayyeda@onevoicemovement.org, 020 8939 1725
Jake@onevoicemovement.org, 07771 590 893



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