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we're standing for change in the middle east

Turn Westminster Green and Blue – we're standing for change in the Middle East

When: Wednesday, July 25 th at 6pm

Where: Abingdon Green, opposite the House of Lords
Why: Demonstrate your support for the Israeli and Palestinian people working to end the conflict

OneVoice is the fastest growing Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution group. It has over 350,000 grassroots members, mainly youth, and a Board of supports from the Islamic Chief Justice of Palestine to Israeli Knesset members. Today they need your support - and you can help.

In the UK Wednesday 25 th July 2007 at 6pm, hundreds of students, young professionals and families from all faiths and backgrounds will gather on Abingdon Green opposite Parliament to record their messages of support to the Israeli and Palestinian people in the gaze of the international press.

In the Middle East on September 1st 2007, in a show of historic bravery, mainstream Israeli and Palestinian nationalists will simultaneously go to their streets in unprecedented numbers to seize back the agenda for conflict resolution from hard-line minorities.

Palestinian and Israeli events will be linked by giant video screens and the Mideast teams have asked for a show of solidarity from our community that can be screened at the live events.

This is a real opportunity to make your solidarity felt by the people in the Region - a unique chance for your voice to be heard by the everyday Palestinians and Israelis who need to hear it.

For more information on OneVoice contact: jake@OneVoiceMovement.org or Sayyeda@OneVoiceMovement.org 0208 939 1725



  1. arno said...

    Bonjours, Faites Signer Cette Pétition en Masse Uniquement Aux Militants Socialiste ayant adhérer au PS,Faites Passer Cette Pétition Partout Sur Vos Blogs,Dans Vos Sections,Fédérations,pour ceux qui n'ont pas internet,ect....
    On compte sur Vous!!!

    Auteur : CA section TemPS Réels
    C/O Philippe de Tilbourg

    A l'attention de : Bureau National du Parti Socialiste & Premier Secrétaire

    Nous, militants de base du parti socialiste, réclamons une consultation directe, soit un vote des adhérents en section, afin d'avancer le calendrier du prochain congrès : la rénovation doit commencer sans attendre, elle ne s'accomplira pas du jour au lendemain.

    Selon le titre 6 des statuts du parti, il suffit que 15% des adhérents demandent cette consultation sur la date du congrès pour qu'elle ait lieu :

    6.11 Consultation directe des adhérents

    Sur proposition du (de la) premier(e) secrétaire du Parti,
    du bureau national,
    de 35 fédérations,

    Imposez-vous dans le débat ! Signez la pétition, faîtes-la signer autour de vous, exigeons la tenue d'un congrès anticipé et redonnons la parole aux militants !


    VOICI MON BLOG,cela vous direz t-il de mettre un lien mutuelle entre nos deux sites si vous le désirez!!!: http://segoleneroyal2012.over-blog.fr/

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