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hannibal v spartacus - the new frontier

I recently read a Demos report called The Dead Generalist, and the front cover struck me - "Impartiality doesn't lead to a passion for public service reform. Impartial people are not noted in history for having got much done on the ground".

Why did it strike me? While Sir Turnbull's attack on Brown as being "ruthless stalinist" - echoing the relationship between ministers and civil servants these days, it seems a new frontier has emerged in the presidential debate in France. We had the "conseillers du prince", then the "spin docteurs" (not to be confused with "french doctors"!) and now we have Hannibal, groups of top civil servants supporting Segolene Royal - under the cover of anonymity...naturellement - campaigning on the blogosphere.

Does this exist elsewhere? What role can they play? What effect will it have?



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