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le droit opposable - the right to oppose social exclusion in housing


Five practical measures

* Build 120 000 new social housing accommodation and in local authorities who refuse to ensure at least 20% of housing in their area is social housing, the State will take over housing responsibilities
* Provide a state-guaranteed deposit to facilitate access to housing and prevent homelessness
* Enable local authorities to transform empty private accommodation into social housing. All accommodation unoccupied for more than two years will be taxed double
* Favour access to housing through extending interest free loans
* Develop a housing programme for students and young workers
* Ensure homeless units are developed for every 1000 people
* Empower homeless people get involved in civic activity which will be rewarded

Why facilitate access to housing?

Difficulty of access to housing is one of the major causes of insecurity in society, for young people who don't have the financial capital to rent a house, for older people who struggle to pay the mortgage and for homeless people who struggle to find anywhere.

Why develop green building?

All planning permissions will have to include renewable energy installations - whether solar, wind or geothermal energy and have to use ecomaterials.

Isn't the concept that enabling people to take housing authorities to court if not provided with social housing the same as that announced by the right?

This law was proposed in the Socialist Manifesto and in Parliament by the PS and...refused by the UMP. It was only when the voluntary organisation Les Enfants Don Quichotte campaigned for this that the UMP rashly decided that homeless people would be able to use it. This is shameful - if that's the only right that homeless people are left with, then what use has getting a court settlement when they might die on the streets. What the PS propose is that all those in precarious situation can use this right, while homeless people will benefit from more personalised services.



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