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how can we fix a problem like europe?

An interesting article by Social Europe on the proposals made by the candidates for the French election which highlights the contradictions of Sarkozy's economic proposals both for France and for Europe - mixing up divisive ultraliberalism and populist protectionism, like his principal inspirations Bush and Berlusconi.

How does this compare with Brown's vision on foreign policy? Brown has shown his desire for moral leadership by speaking of "winning hearts and minds". In the sense that any counter-terrorism strategy will never be successful unless they address the full range of factors that fuel cycles of violence and influence the use of terror over time – including the emotional and psychological effects of violence and humiliation, and the economic, social and cultural contexts that sustain violence? How we should not just to seek immediate resolutions to armed conflict, but to address and prevent the conditions in which it can be triggered by acknowledging its roots in subjective experience and shared culture. In other words a human security approach to political violence, as Demos proposes?

Indeed, by the time Brown takes over, there will have been a renewal of power across Europe, notably in France. At a time when the British army is isolated on various fronts, how should he reinforce the Common Defense and Security Policy to mutualise our efforts and expertise?

In the context of his emphasis on British national interest and a Eurosceptic reputation, how should he go beyond the "neither Washington nor Brussels" approach?

There is an ideal opportunity and both Gordon and Segolene agree on key issues:

1. Reinforcing the Parliament's role in foreign policy
2. Putting the right to free education and healthcare into foreign policy
3. Leading the fight against climate change
4. Promoting national values reinforces our capacity to influence others for a
better world

"Ce n’est jamais quand elle oublie ses valeurs mais, au contraire, quand elle les prend au mot et reste fidèle à elle-même que la France peut aussi, au-delà de ses frontières, parler du monde et au monde. Car la Nation, pour la gauche, est indissociable d’une perspective plus large. Car nous sommes de ce pays, la France, où l’on « vota la liberté du monde », où l’on fit une Constitution en pensant à l’univers entier." (Segolene Royal)

« Jaurès croyait, et nous croyons avec lui, « qu’un peu d’internationalisme éloigne de la patrie » mais que «beaucoup y ramène » (Segolene Royal)



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