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harriet harman for deputy leader

Very involved in the PS ecampaign team, Desirs d'Avenir and joining up the PES activists network between London, Paris and Lille, I almost forgot to post the statement to Compass for deputy leader by Harriet Harman

I’d like the support of Compass for Deputy Leader because like all Labour Party members Compass wants to see a fourth term Labour Government. To do this, the Party must demonstrate that we represent all of Britain, so it must be a woman deputy in the leadership team with Gordon Brown.

We need to show our commitment to equality with policies on women and the family that reflect modern life. By promoting women’s genuine equality and putting the family at the heart of Government thinking, we will move the locus of political debate on to the things that really matter; tackling the gap between rich and poor and working towards genuine equality of opportunity, helping families live the lives they want.

This campaign must be about people’s real lives. This is how to win the historic fourth term for Labour.

To renew the Party and the government we have to rebuild the trust and confidence of the Party and the public. The key is always local activity, and active local parties. I am proud that Camberwell and Peckham has increased membership to around 800, and crucially that it reflects the community. We are constantly out on the doorstep, listening to people and recruiting new members.

We need more young people in the Party. So all new young members of Trade Unions should get a years’ free Party membership, - reaching out to young people at work as well as at university. We should set ambitious targets for more young candidates in local elections alongside a mentoring system to provide the future leadership locally and nationally.

To really listen we need to be less guarded. The best policy is created when the party listens to its members. That is how we build a consensus around what we are doing rather than allowing comment as an after thought.

We cannot have one-way traffic between the Party organisation and its members. People must be allowed to say things that provoke, so that what we say is authentic and comes from real discussion. For example, we need to engage in debate amongst members about the future for our Foreign Policy.

Some say that winning is not enough in itself to bring the progressive policies we want. But the fact remains that out of government we can do nothing for hard-pressed communities like those in my constituency of Camberwell and Peckham. I’m standing for the post of deputy because I want to help Gordon Brown win a fourth term for Labour, so that we can not only debate our policies, but put them into action.

Compass members know that this takes hard work persistence and commitment as well as good ideas. Just as I helped Labour develop new ideas and battle out of opposition, I’m now helping candidates in council, Scottish parliament and Welsh assembly elections. I’ll carry on doing that whether or not I’m deputy – I always have and I always will.




  1. Hazel Blears said...

    J'suis desole, Madam Harriet.

    La Hazel est le fin pour vous!!!!!


  2. blowing bubbles - everyday social democracy said...

    Hazel - la secretaire/candidate...On a deja ca avec Sarkozy. Je ne me rappelle pas que Mme Blears ait ete elu a son poste. Qu'est-ce qu'elle a fait pour arretez la chute du nombre de membres du parti. Tous les 13 minutes un membre quitte le parti, alors que le PS a double le nombre des membres en une annee, 2.5 million de participants a Desirs d'Avenir, leurs contributions se retrouvant dans le cahiers des esperances, dont on retrouvent les grandes lignes dans le pacte presidentiel.

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