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cahiers d'esperance - proposals for progress

Les cahiers d'espérances, synthèse des débats participatifs
The "Cahiers d'espérances" - or proposals for hope and progress - are the synthesis of the "participative phase" - listening and involving citizens in scaling up their insights and proposing their solutions. Indeed these are not "cahiers de doléances" or petitions, since beyond the anxiety and anger, beyond the social and democratic crisis in France, what is striking about these proposals are the innovativeness of the ideas, the success of this everydya democratic experiment.

The collaborative synthesis has been both exhausting and exhilerating - and it has changed us all. The facilitators of the debates, the coordinators of the synthesis, the campaign teams, the contributors, everyone that participated in this process.

This initiative was transformational not only in involving citizens in the design of the manifesto, but giving them a sense of ownership over the manifesto, the campaign and the political process. It also demonstrated the effectiveness of involving people in this way - the proposals not only feed into and from people's insights and collective wisdom, they have been put to the test - democratic and participative debates across the country and throughout the year.

All politics is local, All politics is participative.



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