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segosphere et les debats participatifs

While the participative debates on Desirs d'Avenir are letting a thousand ideas bloom, we at Ségosphère have launched a participative space for debate and proposals on the themes that impact most on young people:

* Education and the Skills Paradox
* Environment and Co-Development
* Anti-Social Behaviour and Diversity

On each topic, the debate will take place through the forums and Ségosphères' local meetups. Advice and proposals on tools for these participative debates can be found here.

At the end of each thematic debate, a national seminar will be organised to review the proposals. Nevertheless the debates will remain open on the site until the National Youth Conference. This conference will analyse how the proposals have been scaled up, how they can be taken forward and will feed into our Youth Manifesto to Ségolène.

Does the equivalent of Segosphere exist in the UK?

Can it be compared to the Young Fabians, Compass Youth or even Young Labour?

Is there something these organisations can learn from Segosphere and indeed what can Segosphere learn from other European youth political organisations?

How can we join up social democratic youth movements to share ideas and work together to promote active participation of young people in society?

On a future post, I will discuss the MJS - the Young French Socialists - and how it has transformed from the youth campaigning arm of the PS to a major political player in its own right.


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